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Need to clear out a room, but have no idea where to start?

Spend too much time searching for things?  Than on things that are truly important?

Too busy to declutter?

Upcoming move and feeling too stressed?

Feeling overwhelmed with an upcoming event?

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Reduce clutter and organize belongings to maximize your space

Downsize your belongings in preparation for a move to a new home

Unpack, organize, and place your belongings in a new home

Organize any room in your house or office…closets, garages, kitchen cabinets, pantries, playrooms

Redecorate rooms with belongings you already own to help your house to flow

Event organization/preparation…help plan small, medium, or large events

Gaby’s organizational skills, decluttering ability and staging expertise were all put to the test when she cleaned my food pantry, decluttered my clothes closet, and rearranged my laundry room. She was fantastic and she did something I’ve been trying to do for years. She was truly amazing!
— Neno Schildgen
Gaby is a lifesaver! I moved into my house with 6 week old twins. Needless to say, a month after moving in, my bathroom and closet were still a disaster. Gaby was able to help organize everything in a practical way that made sense. She made the bathroom and closet functional! The nice part was she didn’t have to ask me a million questions to get the job done. She has a knack for organization, so I trusted her judgment. She also helped decorate the dining room and living rooms. I had unpacked the main stuff but still needed help figuring out where pictures went and getting them hung. My house would probably still be a wreck if it weren’t for Gaby. She’s the best!
— Noel Snyder
Gaby is amazing!!! When I moved I was so overwhelmed with so many boxes to unpack. She organized my office using only furniture and supplies I already had. She was a life saver!
— Kelly Curtis
Gaby is a miracle worker! I have 3 children and I work and our pantry was a constant disaster of kids in and out. I had no idea what I even had in there on a regular basis. I’d go to the store and buy more pasta or whatever item it was and then realize I already had 3 boxes but couldn’t tell as it was so disorganized. My pantry is now a well-oiled machine! I know what we have so it makes our weekly grocery shopping way more effective. I feel pure joy when I walk into my pantry now with the organization, the neatness and the effective use of space. She put things in places I never would have thought of and just made my life so much easier! I used to walk in my pantry and feel utter frustration and now it’s my happy place. Gaby is worth every penny! I now need her to do the rest of my house!
— Tamsin Euart
I do not have the gift of organization or decorating, but I have things in my home that mean a lot to me. I have constantly moved things and changed things around, because I have never been completely satisfied with my arrangements.
Gaby came to my house and within a couple of hours, displayed all of those meaningful items in a way that made so much sense. She also found items that I had stored away and used them to create an environment that I have always wanted, but did not know how to make happen. It was based on my style and the things that I love. I walked in my living room and was in awe. The crazy thing is that she made it look so easy! This girl has the gift and I can not thank her enough!
— Mackensi Bridges
We did a kitchen remodel, so of course everything in our cabinets had to be taken out and then put away when the remodel was complete. I sprained the ligaments in my foot playing tennis on Sunday. I was suppose to host a party on the upcoming Saturday. I was not looking forward to putting my kitchen back together. I called Gaby at Organizing Plus. She came to my house at 10 am and was finished by 1:30 pm, in time for my guests to arrive. Not only was she extremely efficient, but she cleared out four cabinets that were cluttered and are now empty. Everything is much more efficient now. She asked me a couple of questions, but really took the reins and got the job done. If you are in need of organizing because you are moving, remodeling, cleaning out your kids closets or garage, ect... I would highly recommend Gaby! You can contact her at www.organizingplus.net or (813)422-3111. You will not regret it!!!!!!!!

— Rebecca Kubin
Gaby was professional and personable. She had wonderful ideas for decorative organization and storage solutions. It can be a challenge to find a creative way to store articles and she has a wonderful eye to give things a unique flare.
— Jessica Vanderklipp
Gaby created a plan for my home that I understand. Before and after is the difference between my home being decluttered and decluttering my mind! I highly recommend Organizing Plus! She is trustworthy and respectful of my home and needs as I purge my past ways and look forward to a clean, fresh future! This process works!!
— Tonya Anderer
Gaby was very professional, effecient and fun to work with. She made use out of what I had and tried to save me money where she could.
— Kathleen Dennison
After having some time to experience the work that Gaby did I can now say that what she did has helped. She went through and sorted through items and grouped them based on similarities. When I needed to work on a few projects I was able to quickly find the tools needed to get the job done. It’s such a big relief being able to work on projects without wasting time looking for tools and materials needed to accomplish things that I enjoy doing. Clearing up some clutter has given me the freedom to enjoy other things as well. Thank you Gaby!
— Mario Panebianco
Little did I know 6 months ago, how my life would soon be changing completely. In May, I was diagnosed with, what I refer to as the “invasion.” Others refer to it as the “c” word. I do not use the actual word often. The last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions for myself and the people I love.

I started to realize when I was diagnosed, that I had let everything and everyone else take precedence over the care of my home.

At a time when I should have been thinking about my health, I was more worried about getting my house organized and together before starting treatment. There was one problem, I had an intense amount of pain and weariness in that first month. I just did not even know where to start with my house.

Enter Gaby. She came in, looked around, asked me my style, decided that she should start in the living room, and went to work. I was not having a good day physically and I ended up having to go lay down. Three hours later, I came downstairs to a completely different living room. Things that I had taken for granted and no longer took notice of, suddenly popped and had a place.

When I sit in my living room now, my eyes travel around the room and take in all of the little details. She was able to do in 3 hours, what I have been wanting to do for years. Which is, create an inviting, warm, and enticing space for my husband and me to enjoy.

Her motivation, confidence in her skill, and her work ethic excel anything that you see on tv. I look forward to handing my home over to her in the near future! Thank you so much Gaby.
— Connie Gant
I’m a busy working professional, and was opening a new office. My workspace needed to be a place where my clients felt comfortable. There was no way I could make it happen on my own. I was stressed out about making decisions on how to decorate, organize, and bring everything together. I really couldn’t figure out how to achieve what I wanted. I contacted Gaby and showed her a few pictures of the style I wanted. She helped me to get organized, decorate my office, and got it done quickly. I get compliments on my space all of the time, and I feel comfortable in my office. It was a such a relief to have someone take care of it so I could focus on my passion which is helping my clients.
— Michelle Hall
I highly recommend Gaby Bowers of Organizing Plus to anyone needing more organization, decluttering, and space efficiency in their home. I had a long list of things to do (organization of toys, setting up a guestroom, closets, ect....) and didn’t know where to start. She was able to transform, simplify, and set up a system that I can easily maintain in my home. She transformed an office into a playroom, redesigned my closets and guestroom and even created an area to display sentimental pieces collected overseas. She is professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and brings many creative ideas to the table while considering your own personal needs and very reasonably priced.
— Brigid Cranford

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